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Tell Me What You See

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As a bass player myself, I've always appreciated and enjoyed Paul's bass playing in it.

 It's very punchy sounding yet warm and "woody" and gives a very nice texture to the low end. 

When I'm feeling blue or "odd" I like listening to this song: the singing is nice and has an overall morose sound to it but the bass line is soothing for the above reasons.

Hello Goodbye:

virtual Beatles Tell Me What You See lesson & cover


--- Quote from: Hombre_de_ningun_lugar on February 09, 2013, 05:15:12 AM ---This is certainly a filler, but I enjoy it at parts. I like the drumming, I find some rare beats by Ringo there.

--- End quote ---

Its one of those songs that....

if it was by another band I would never listen too

but because its the Beatles I enjoy it

Love the harmonies

Hello Goodbye:
Ah!  But it has a deeper meaning...

Beatles Cartoon - Tell Me What You See

To me it sounds a lot like

I Need You

both songs could be blended together quite easily


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