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NZ Tour - Auckland 9 Feb 2013


Finally I have seen a Beatle live!!!!!!  ;yes  The concert was superbly magical! Loved every minute of it! It had a good balance of Beatles, Ringo solo and the other Star's songs. It was quite interesting hearing really early Beatle songs such as Boys and I wanna be your Man. And it really as so cool to see Ringo jump around the stage at his 72 years....!

The stage was awesome! It had a hige yellow star on it and then Ringo comes running onto the stage wearing his sneakers and black shirt with big red star on it and of course his sunnies.

I got introduced to Richard Page's voice! What a stunning voice the man has. Whenever he sung he had like water music in the bakground and soft lighting effects. Simply beautiful!

On the low side, Steve Lukather did a lot of sex related jokes which sounded rather forced... There was not much talking and song introduction either. It felt sometimes that they wanted to see how many songs they can perform in the least amount of time.

They finished with A Little Help from My Friends which flowed into Give Peace a Chance..... that was very moving.

A great night for sure!

Here is the line up and the songs they did..... this is from (my bad) memory
Ringo - With a little help from my Friends, Yellow Submarine, Boys, I wanna be your man,Act Naturally, It don't come Easy, Photograph, Anthem, Wings

Richard Page (Mr Mister) - Broken Wings, Kyrie

Steve Lukather (Toto) - Rosanna, Africa

Greg Rollie - Black Magic Woman, Hold the line

Steve Lukather - Don't really remember what he did

Hello Goodbye:
It looks like you had a great time!  Was he playing drums when performing Boys and I Wanna Be Your Man?

My memory is bad... But I think he was

I missed this thread for some reason......I know Id just had major surgery ;)

what a treat for you to finally see a Beatle, Im still waiting ;(

Sounds like a great show, were there 2 Steve Luthakers ?  :D

(Love Roseanna btw)


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