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New Stuart Sutcliffe Official Website


The Stuart Sutcliffe Estate has again re-done their website....and this time it looks pretty good.  Check it out here:   New Stuart artwork, and the complete, recent Al Doshna interview.

It looks good. Thanks for the update.


--- Quote from: stuartblogtumblr on May 15, 2013, 07:17:19 PM --- I am officially persona non grata with the Estate

--- End quote ---

Why is that?


--- Quote from: stuartblogtumblr on May 15, 2013, 11:56:50 PM ---Hard to say, since I'm looking at it from my end.  But much as I admire Pauline's dedication to her brother---the fact that we are aware of Stuart's talent, contributions and character are due directly to her efforts---Pauline and I don't see eye to eye when it comes to procedure.  She's made decisions I think are not well-thought-out, and her own reputation suffers as a result.

For example, in the past two years the Estate partnered with two promotional agencies to further promote Stuart's reputation.  These agencies put up a website apiece, but (in my estimation) they were stagnant and sometimes inaccurate.  The kids on tumblr do better.  Pauline herself recognized the "lost momentum".

Then there was my posting of Stuart's birth certificate, which really upset the pepper shaker.  The Estate (again in my opinion) holds tight control over all things Stuart.  It's a fine line...wanting to keep someone's name before the public, yet not wanting to relinquish material about them.  Or rather, wanting to control every aspect of memorabila.  Stuart was a Beatle, a great artist and beautiful person.  His life should be shared and emulated, in my view.  And since it's very hard to find new pics and information, I'd hoped that his Estate would have been more willing to present new material.

This is the first time I've said this much about it---realize that everything I've said is my own opinion, having worked with the Estate for a year. 

--- End quote ---

Wow. Respect.


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