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Looking for songbook with lyrics dictionary

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Hi, new forum member so I am not sure if this is the correct forum.  I am looking for a songbook that I owned back in the 70s.  It was fairly comprehensive with guitar chords, piano and vocal for many of the Beatles songs.  It also, quite interestingly, had a lyrics dictionary with interpretations of certain lyrics from many of the songs. (One interesting one I remember is the meaning of "early warning" from Come Together as body oder- haha.)

I have tried to search for this book with no luck.  I am hoping some one on this forum will remember or know of this book and perhaps I can locate one for sale on eBay or Craig's List.

Thanks in advance,

Hiya Paul, first of all welcome to the forum! Is this the correct forum? You mean there are other forums? ha2ha

But seriously: personally I don't know such book, but one of the other members might. Any clue on the author or publishing company?

Hi, thanks for the welcome.  No, I meant to appropriate forum on this site (maybe it belongs in songs?). 

Unfortunately, I gave the book away to a bandmate in the 80s and it is long gone.  No idea on the publisher or any other details but it was one of my favorites at the time.  Just trying to recapture a little of the past.


Hello Goodbye:
Hi Paul,

You've posted in the right forum.  The only Beatles songbook I have is the two volume The Compleat Beatles ca. 1987...

There's no dictionary in it, however.

Tell me a bit more about your songbook; when you bought it, if it was a single volume and if you remember the color of the cover.  I can research the songbook and help you find an available copy.  A very common 1970s Beatles songbook was Beatles Complete published in the mid-70s.  It had a black cover.

Welcome to the Forum.

Hello Hello,

Thanks for the welcome.  The book was a single volume. It contained most of the Beatles songs including George Harrison's compositions - I remember this because I leaned a rendition of Something from this book.  It was what I would call the standard size for a music book and I bought it in a music store in Philadelphia in the early mid-70s, probably around 1973 or 74.  It was written for piano, vocal and had guitar chords.  I do remember the pages were an off white color (even when it was new).

I vaguely remember the cover being black but the cover was also worn and then torn off from use so I may be mistaken.  Like I said, the unique thing about the book was how comprehensive it was and the lyrics dictionary.  Otherwise, I am sure I could find the songs/music in some of the more recent publications.

That is really all I have - not much help I know but it was a long time ago - but I do appreciate the replies.



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