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Looking for songbook with lyrics dictionary

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One thing did come to mind is that I do not think it contained any songs from Let It Be.  So perhaps I bought in the very early 70s.

Thanks again,

Hello Goodbye:

I'm sure your songbook is listed here:


Hello Goodbye:

--- Quote from: pcmancini on February 19, 2013, 07:22:57 PM ---I vaguely remember the cover being black but the cover was also worn and then torn off from use so I may be mistaken.

--- End quote ---

Does this look familiar?

Hi, Hello,

I have seen this one online and  thought it may be it but I do not think it has that dictionary  Be that as it may, I think I will buy this and see if it is the right one.

Any thoughts on where the best source to purchase this book?  Prices, version, etc?  Not looking for a collectable just something useable.


Hello Goodbye:
There are a couple listed on eBay now.

The link I posted earlier lists all of the songbooks published with their photos.  Did you see the one you're looking for there?


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