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John and george in 1966


I recently bought a postcard signed by John and George.

The postcard is of the S.S. Maid of Kent, and supposedly this card was signed while John and George were on this ferry travelling to Germany. Supposedly around 13 cards were signed in the captains room....all by John and George only.

I have seen a few of these cards appear at past auctions, here are a couple:

Now does anyone here have any information about why John and George were on this ferry, if it was actually going to Germany, and do any photos exist?

If they were going to Germany, it would have been for the 1966 tour, which is about the right era for the autographs. However I've been told they all flew to Germany.

So if anyone has any information on this journey it would be much appreciated.

Thank you, and I look forward to any help.


Is this the postcard?


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