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Post your favorite up and coming rock band


Post any new great up and coming rock bands you've recently heard and liked.

I've recently stumbled across some great bands out of Athens, Ga that I found absolutely amazing. It seems like the Athens, Ga music scene is still alive and kicking butt!

Dead Confederate: an awesome psychedelic/grunge rock band. Listen to "The Rat"

Lullwater: really dig these guys. They have a 90's rock influence sound but they make it their own and relevant in today's music scene. I love their new song "Tug of War"

The Whigs: sick post grunge/rock/pop. Saw these guys open up for Kings of Leon. "Right Hand On My Heart" is a staple on my Whigs mix.

I've got one!

Portrait of Fading Faces

Rosli Mansor - Portrait Of Fading Faces [ What The Moon Said 29/6/12 ]


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