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Stuart's Poetry Put to Music


Stuart Sutcliffe's words to a former Liverpool girlfriend, Sheila, have been put to music by Dean Johnson.  Here's the link:

Dean Johnson - Sheila

    The lyrics to “Sheila” read, in part, “Shall sorrow lean her drooping head, to touch with your dark lightly tread, a flower shrinks from cold and rain, but bright new sun cheeks cheer again.”

“The prose is very poetic with the influence of Keats or Byron, the great English romantics. It’s interesting that the level of sophistication is way ahead of early Lennon and McCartney,” Johnson says.

Sheila Garbe, a former girlfriend of a teenage Stuart Sutcliffe, the Beatles’ original bass guitarist, went to the valuation with a large collection of his letters, some of which are nine pages long and could be worth more than £1,000. Mrs Garbe, 67, of Halewood Village, had a relationship with him after meeting him when she worked at Vernon’s Pools.  Stuart was studying at the Liverpool College of Art.

She said: “Stuart wrote me love letters which also contain poems for me.
“They are very personal and the valuer has been the first person who’s ever read them apart form me, so it has been a bit strange.”

(paintiing by twistsofine)

That's pretty good! Love it.

Certainly worth a listen. Or two. ;)


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