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Looking for Beatles Tribute band (George spot)


Fellow Beatles Fans

I'm a guitar player with a little keyboard ability looking for a Beatles tribute band to play shows in and around the LA/OC area. I'm looking to fill a George H. spot as a sub or permanent member. Not looking for anything pro, no touring, mainly for fun but I do take the music seriously. One thing I have always loved is Beatle music and have always tried to learn the parts as closely as possible. I currently have a Gretsch, Rickenbacker 12 string, Korg M50 keyboard, Vox amp, and reliable transportation. I'm looking for a group in their 30's -40's. Also interested in doing the wardrobe thing, Ed Sullivan jackets and Sgt Pepper outfit etc.

Check out my Youtube playlist for a sample

I Saw Her Standing There

Thanks for looking


The Swine:


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