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The Fab Four Invade 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball


It’s been almost 50 years since 73 million Americans first saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show marking the beginning of the British Invasion and the Beatlemania that would take over the U.S. for years to come. That was 1964, one of the most notable years in American history.
Topps celebrates 1964 and everything that made the year awesome in the world of sports and beyond with our new product, 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball.
In addition to your favorite sports stars of today on the classic Topps 1964 design, collectors will find special collectible cards that feature sports flashbacks from that year (Mets open up Shea Stadium), News Flashbacks from 1964 (Ford Mustang Debuts) and more.
No 1964 celebration would be complete without the Beatles. 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball commemorates the Beatles and their “British Invasion” of the United States with a special card.
Beatles fans will also be excited to hear that 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball includes vintage Topps Beatles trading cards. These are the actual cards that were included in a special 1964 Topps set at the start of Beatlemania. The cards were repurchased by Topps and inserted back into today’s product to provide a must-have for Beatles fans, music fans and pop culture buffs. 
Celebrate 1964 and Beatlemania with Topps. 2013 Topps Heritage Baseball is available now in hobby shops and retail stores across the country. Go to for more information.

i will be looking for them...

I had them all when I was a kid!


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