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Listening to it now and will write my review later. It's not as bad as I remember, actually I'm quite enjoying it. Maybe it helps that I'm not a native speaker: the lyrics don't have such a great impact on me.

Oh praise the lord.I just love the backstory to this - such beautiful symmetry. (sp)
Lennon quits UK and heads to NYC. The Brits, he reckons, don't understand him and Yoko. But New York will be different. They are ready for this new John, the supposed radical,spokesman for the oppressed. Goodbye intolerant, conservative, prejudiced Brits.
STINYC was to be his master work, his big smack in the face hello to America. And Lord, the mother tanked. For an ex Beatle in 1972, when even Ringo could expect to go top 10, to only chart at 48 was an unmitigated disaster. Turns out America didn't want this new fist-in-the-air muso/politician. They wanted the dream weaver, they wanted Imagine and A Day in The Life, not Woman Is The black person Of The World.
Lennon's already fragile self confidence seems to completely shatter. Rather than change the world he goes on a massive bender. fair enough.
And a year later he slips back with Imagine2, complete with face in the cloud type cover and songs about dreams and mind games (or imagine-lite if you want to be unkind).
Lennon had spent the previous 2 years telling the world he was a genius, and in the most public and vile means possible had been trashing and humiliating his former friends and colleagues who helped him achieve his massive fame and fortune. kharma wasn't instant, but it was just.
I quite like the album by the way (as did the Brits, sending it nearly top 10). The music is strong, and I've never found lyrics that crucial to a great song. I think he sounds much better with a "real" band behind him, rather than a collection of studio hotshots. A good album, and like all good albums, of it's time.

Sorry it got delayed. I've been extremely busy in the last few weeks. There is light at the end of the tunnel tho. Around the end of forthcoming week should give some spare time.

Hey Cor, dont forget about the microscopes. Being married and kids and all that jive isnt an excuse.  ha2ha


--- Quote from: tkitna on August 29, 2013, 10:12:35 AM ---Hey Cor, dont forget about the microscopes. Being married and kids and all that jive isnt an excuse.  ha2ha

--- End quote ---

I know. I've had surgery on the knee and been extremely busy at the same time. But time is on my side now and I promise I will catch up. Especially since I learned that Ollie isn't interested in these microscopes any longer.


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