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Winter Horror 1978/79




--- Quote from: Badgirl66 on March 27, 2013, 07:28:00 AM ---http://youtu.be/M2w4cT8QXGo

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That was a storm! I was 20 when that hit . I worked for a heating and a/c company so we could legally be on the road during that storm. We would take orders for the liquor store the day before and pick up the order and proceed to my place where we would consume it. What a party!!! A lot of good music was played (I still have a lot of the albums) and is known in my hometown as "Snow Blindness Week!!!

For a couple of days I've been hearing reports of a big storm in the UK that dumped so much snow in a short time that the sheep are being rescued buried alive! Any of the UK members have any info?
Poor sheep!


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