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Alternate versions of songs you like..


..better than the originals.

Well.. not necessarily better but are just damn good. I'm talking here specifically about alternate versions by the original artists, rather than covers.

For example:

I love Paddy McAloon´s acoustic version of Appetite that was released with the 2007 Remastered Version of Steve McQueen.

I prefer the mono version of She´s Leaving Home rather than the slower speed version off the 1987 and 2009 released verson of Sgt. Pepper.

And I prefer Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da from the Anthology 3 cd over the original.

The single version of "Help Me, Rhonda", released by the Beach Boys in their album Summer Days, is much better than the original version released in Today!, called "Help Me, Ronda". But I'm not doing any discovery with this.


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