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Boston Marathon Explosions


Two explosions occurred near the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Monday about four hours after the start of the race. At least three people were killed, and more than 100 were wounded.

Explosions at the Boston Marathon


I can't get it why to do such horrible things! What's going on in the World?

Unfortunately, after big acts of terrorism the war is following, which govenments start.

Hello Goodbye:
Dmitry, I've asked myself the same question countless times not only over the past twenty-four hours, but over the last several years.  It was another senseless act of terrorism which is becoming more frequent whether it be politically or sociopathically motivated.

Reports here this morning mention over 170 people wounded, some in critical condition suffering dismemberment injuries.  An eight year old child was one of the three people killed.

Many cities in the United are on increased states of alert which have already been high since the World Trade Center attack.

Interesting investigation http://imgur.com/a/sUrnA


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