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Rishikesh today


I´ve always wanted to see how the Rishikesh area looks today. I googled it and this is what I found:

Would be nice to see pics side by side, how it looked then and how it looks now.

In My Life:
Those are really interesting pictures Brynjar. I never really knew what the buildings were like. Sad that they are just crumbling away.

Now, truth be told, i'm not the world's biggest Beatles fan.  ;sorry

However, I was rambling round India in 2010 and found myself in Rishikesh. I decided to visit the Beatles' ashram, mainly as I heard it was a bit of a crumbling ruin that was a quiet place to visit for free.

When I got there, the gates are overgrown and it seems to be in a forgotten part of town. An old man with the traditional dreadlocks of the baba holymen was waiting, asking for an entrance fee. Obviously, that wasn't an official fee so I sidestepped him and made my way through a hole in the fence.

Indeed, what I found there was a mass of crumbling buildings, each abandoned and left for the plants. But it was beautiful, the egg-shaped meditation chambers and emptied rooms seemed to me like a relic from a forgotten age.

I must confess that I don't really think that this should be a preserved monument, as it would simply turn it into a tourist hell-hole. Instead, I added my drawing and some of my favourite lyrics to the wall in the pictures above (including drawing a moustache on that beaming sun) and made a quiet tribute to the Beatles by walking around and reflecting on their career.

Anyways, that's my two-bob


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