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Paul McCartney Rockshow Showing in Cinemas in May

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--- Quote from: Bobber on May 14, 2013, 08:40:35 PM ---Paul just send me this by mail. Thanks Paul.
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McCartney? :D

just got back from seeing Rockshow on the big screen and all I can say is WOW. What an incredible experience. I felt like I was taken back in time to June 1976 and had a front row seat seeing Jimmy, Joe, Paul, Denny and Linda in concert. It is the closest thing that I will ever get to seeing Jimmy perform live so that was pretty emotional. It just made me so damn proud seeing his love of music and immense talent shine through his guitar playing.

The restoration job was brilliant and the sound! The remix and remastering was wonderful. There were a lot of little things that the remixed sound added that I'd never noticed before like in the beginning of Medicine Jar (extra guitar licks during the intro) and Jimmy's use of the Wah Wah Pedal during Beware My Love to name a couple.

So yeah, fancy a bit of rock and roll?

Hello Goodbye:
Hi Paul,

I just knew you would be the first to see Rockshow.  I'm happy you enjoyed it and got to see Jimmy McCulloch and the rest of Wings on the big screen.  I can imagine just how you felt.

I wish we could really go back in time to those days!




Euan Buchan:
I saw it on the 16th May really enjoyed it even though there were a lot of folk talking through the film quite loudly too.


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