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Hello Goodbye:
I was born in Brooklyn.

Welcome Back Kotter Theme Song HQ (Opening)


--- Quote from: nimrod on April 26, 2013, 11:11:26 PM ---thats a lovely thing to do at their graves Kevin......good on you.

We had ANZAC day on the 25th and I get a bit emotional when I think of all the young men who left the shores of Australia & New Zealand never to return...........God bless them all.

--- End quote ---

We have the Dawn service on ANZAC day.... but alas I never wake up in time. We'll meet again always comes to mind to me on that day.

--- Quote from: nimrod on April 25, 2013, 12:12:50 PM ---Yes your probably right Kevin, but the message coming all through Freds book is that John just wanted anonymity, as he told Andy Peebles in his last interview, he loved New York as he could 'walk down the street and go in a restaurant etc without being wanna know how great that is ? '

I think he was very much in the spotlight during his early years with Yoko due to their peace campaign so publicity suited him greatly, I was more meaning his quiet years at the Dakota where he made no records for 5 years (Freds time with him) he seemed just to want to be left alone, seldom going out. Not wanting to jam with anyone.
His happiest time seemed to be on the Yacht The Megan Jane, away from the limelight
The episode in the restaurant could indeed have been described by several A listers but this is the first time Ive read a description of how people behave around a very famous person who is suddenly in their presence, thats why I mentioned it.

One thing is sure, John could change his views on anything, even being famous

--- End quote ---
Totally agree. I think in the begining he liked it and once he started settling in with Yoko and as the years went on - it just got too much into him.

But this happens with everyone and everything I think. Life seems to be a bell curve, so to speak.

And yes, John was a very wise man, and perhaps he wanted people to view him as such as oppose to a Beatle, or that-Beatle-that-married-Yoko


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