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In My Life:
I've never had a chance to properly study information about anomalies on Beatles recordings so I was quite surprised to hear a cough in the mono remaster version of Norwegian Wood a few minutes ago. Most of what I skimmed through after a quick search mentioned it being on the U.S. mono release but here it is again. I've listened to this a million times so it's weird that I would just notice it now. I wasn't even listening very closely. I love when this sort of thing happens!

At :38

I heard it!

Hello Goodbye:
The Beach Boys included a cough in Wendy the previous year...

If you listen to the LP with a good set of headphones, you can hear some background chatter.

Listen for the cough at 3:32   The background chatter is very clear in the backing track and vocals recording session...

Bingo Bongo:
I agree. Although, I'm glad the final recording does not include the extra sitar, it is a nice treat hearing the different version.  The same with "Got To Get You Into My Life" with the extra Aaaaaahs & Oooohs and keyboard.  icon_good

--- Quote from: Hello Goodbye on May 04, 2013, 01:11:48 AM ---With Anthology, we got to hear earlier takes of the song with more sitar...

I like these takes from a developmental standpoint.

--- End quote ---

I reckon the Anthology take of GTGYIML is way better than the final released version. It's like 2 differnt songs


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