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Question regarding The Beatles YESTERDAY...AND TODAY LP trail off stamp

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I just bought a copy of the YESTERDAY... AND TODAY LP, without the jacket, but the vinyl is in NM condition...the sound is sensational!  It has the Capitol black labels with rainbow ring.  In the trail off area there is a machine stamp ST1 - 2553 - B8, followed by the etched #2 on side 1.  Side 2 has the machine stamp ST2 - 2553 - B8, without the etched #2.  Please let me know which pressing this LP would have been a part of, as I will be on the look-out for the corresponding jacket for this LP, and I want to make certain that I have the correct jacket for this vinyl record.  Thanks for your input!

Not sure about the machine stamp codes but one thing you can use to check the age is the writing around the edge of the label. There are 4 types ...

1) First issues and reissues up until mid-1968 will have writing only around the bottom one-third at the edge of the black part of the label.

2) In mid-68 the rim print was lengthened so that it took up the bottom half of the label.

3) The rainbow labels were then brought back by Capitol in 1980. These 80s reissues have a lot longer text around the rim - it runs almost all the way round the edge of the black part.

4) Even later rainbow label reissues have the text actually inside the rainbow section.

So you should be able to tell if you have a first pressing or a later reissue, which should narrow things down in your hunt for the matching cover.

Upload a scan of the label if you can.

Hope this helps,


Hi Pete,

Thanks for your reply...looks like I have a first pressing, or a reissue up until mid-1968.

Thanks again for your invaluable input.



Hi Frank.
You definitely have a disc from 1966-1968. This copy of the album could have come in the rare butcher sleeve, the rare paste-over trunk sleeve or the much more common trunk sleeve with no butcher cover underneath. There are also slightly later trunk sleeves which will have a "Gold Record Award" insignia printed in gold on the front cover.
Obviously you will be looking for a stereo cover to match your stereo record.

Have a look in the run-out groove of the vinyl and see if there is another symbol stamped anywhere - like a triangle, a circle, a triangle with a line at one end or maybe an asterisk shape. These give a clue as to where in the US the record was pressed.

Hi Pete,

Thanks so much for all of the information you have been so kind to provide regarding the authenticity of this LP.  I had a look at the run-out groove, and it indeed has a circle...faint but definitely visible.  Please do let me know what significance this circle has as it relates to the pressing of this LP.  I have attached an image of the section of the run-out groove that shows the circle...again, faint but definitely visible in person.

Thanks again, Pete!



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