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notlarfing my a ss off wayne

I'm confused...but that is a funny hippo! :P

The picture only comes up as a red X.

Wayne L.:
Since I have been a dedicated Beatles fan for a long time now I know Paul is one of the greatest singers, songwriters, musicians & performers of all time with few equals besides I don't think giving some constructive criticism of Sgt. Pepper & Give My Regards To Broadstreet as a fan means I hate Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney is a real punching bag for critics and unjustly so.  Sure some of his solo work can be called fluff but geez not every one can make a masterpiece every time. 

I once heard someone say, and it's so true, that if Paul wrote and sang "Imagine" critics would call it "schmaltz" and "sugary fluff".  I think that's so true.  Seems like Paulie can't do anything right for some people :(


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