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"New" Beatle song rumor?


I feel like every word in the subject line could have quotes around it.  But I've been seeing rumors for the past couple days or weeks that Paul about to release a "new" Beatles song.  (A new "Beatles" song?  A new Beatles "song"?  Whatever.) 

In any event, word is that Paul has continued to work on John's old demo of "Now and Then" which was one of the tapes Yoko gave to Paul, George and Ringo in '95 for the Anthology project.  Supposedly, the surviving three gave up on "Now and Then" after one day's work in '95, but Paul (according to the story) went back again and somehow added some guitar from tapes of George, vocals of his own to augment John's, and presumably drumming by Ringo.

I've heard the original demo and I think it's an interesting song, or at least the germ of one.  It would be nice if it could be fleshed out and salvaged, but how likely is it that Paul is still interested in it after nearly twenty years since Anthology?  (My god, has it really been almost twenty years since Anthology came out?)

Anyway, has anyone else heard this rumor, or can anyone shed any light on it?

Hello Goodbye:
If the new Beatles song is anything like Free As A Bird and Real Love, we're in for more clues.    ;D

There is a complete thread on the song here:

Thanks, Bobber.  I hadn't thought to look in that thread since the song was only a rumor and hadn't been officially released.  (Not too bright of me, in hindsight.)

In any event, I do hope the song gets released.  I'll take one more Beatles song any way I can get it.  And I think John's demo shows the song has a lot of promise.

You're welcome. It's no problem to show new members the place. It's a pleasure.


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