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Drummed Out by Spencer Leigh


Got this book recently right from Mathews Street in Liverpool (purchased from The Beatles Store).  It's definitely worth reading; it's Leigh's analysis of why Pete Best was sacked.  I tend to believe most of what Spencer Leigh says (even if he sometimes gives Sutclffe short shrift); he's interviewed many Mersey musicians, and holds a lot of anecdotal information.   An example of the surprises included in "Drummed Out": "Bruno Koschmidder, a Grade-A thug and almost certainly ex-Gestapo, had had his testicles shot away in World War II".  How's that for relevance?!  Anyhow, anyone interested in taking a look at the Best situation's precursors and consequences, will like this book.

I've had that book for years but have never got round to reading it. It's an interesting story, the whole Pete Best saga, so I really must do my "best" (no pun intended!!  ;D ) to read it soon.

I thought this was an interesting theory:


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