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Morning folks,

I'm probably grasping at straws here, but I'm wondering if there are any knowledgeable people who might know the answer to my question.

I know George had an Auntie Jinny/ Ginnie who lived in North Wales. Apparently she lived in a village called Broughton, but my question is twofold.

A: What was her Surname


B: Does anyone know exactly where she lived in Broughton

Any help would be very gratefully received! It's been driving me mad as no-one can answer this....perhaps up to this point!

Best wishes


I always thought that Paul had an Auntie Gin.

Found something on Welsh roots here.

Thanks Tamara! Not a great deal to help me there....yet, however it's given me a good starting point.

There is an article on another website that is another avenue for me to explore and I've copied the part of the article in question below.

Peter Roberts, Holywell:

I was at the show in Mold. The Beatles were very good indeed. After the show three of the Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo went back to The Talbot pub (now Beaufort Arms) in Holywell, with two girls from the show. Their landlady mum was in bed, but the girls got her out of bed to make sandwiches for them. Paul McCartney played songs on a rickety up-right piano for about half an hour. They were very entertaining. Apparently George had gone from Mold to see his Auntie Jinnie in Broughton. As John, Paul and Ringo left the pub, the landlady asked them to pay up, so they gave her 30 shillings for the food. They did not stay there overnight.

The main reason for asking this, is that according to someone who lived in Broughton for quite a number of years said that she lived in the house I currently live in and as a HUGE fan of George would be something quite special, even if he only visited it every so often!

George's mother maiden name was Louise French. That gives us the possibilities of Jinnie French or Jinnie Harrison so far.


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