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New John Lennon Tell All Book Claims Phil Spector Arranged Lennon's Murder

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Newly Released John Lennon Tell All Book, The Adventures of Dr. Winston O’Boogie And His Amazing Friends, Claims Phil Spector Arranged Lennon's Murder


The Explosive New John Lennon Tell All Book, The Adventures of Dr. Winston O’Boogie® and His Amazing Friends, alleges how Phil Spector’s murder motive was pure revenge for being fired as John Lennon’s long time solo Music Producer while Lennon was now newly recording with David Geffen Records.

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 21, 2013

Newly Released John Lennon Tell All Book, The Adventures of Dr. Winston O’Boogie and His Amazing Friends Claims Phil Spector Arranged John Lennon's Murder with the help of Organized Crime.

The book also reinforces that The Beatles were reforming and how Lennon blamed Spector as a negative force keeping The Beatles apart.

The unauthorized book brings to life the untold true story behind a young fan’s quest to meet John Lennon, leader of the most famous Rock and Roll band in the world... The Beatles.

But instead the author was unknowingly introduced to a disguised John Lennon posing as Winston or Dr. Winston O’Boogie® a 1970’s radical complete with his new band of counter culture rebels called the Yippies.

That happened during a failed Beatles reunion concert originally planned to be held during the 1979 May Day Smoke-In at Washington Square Park.

Discover how the Author quickly hits it off with Winston as he’s brought into John Lennon’s inner circle and meets his famous friends and ex-partners. All the while as he’s slowly becoming like a son and a personal muse to Lennon.

Then for the next eighteen months, the young Author unknowingly witnessed first hand the final events leading towards Lennon’s tragic planned assassination.

The book also divulges how the young Author was also threatened with his own murder if he didn’t keep quiet about what he knew and witnessed... until now.

About Dr. Winston O’Boogie®

This multi-media 744 page book included with a companion CD that contains hundreds of newly and previously released declassified FBI, CIA and INS files that take the reader behind the scenes of John Lennon’s secret radical lifestyle.

About The Author

The Author Danny Carlson was honored when he was made the Last 5th Beatle and also won John Lennon’s greatest fan contest. The Adventures of Dr. Winston O’Boogie® and His Amazing Friends will finally prove to the World what really happened to this talented musical genius... John Lennon.

About Heaven's Door Publishing
and Copies Of The Work

Heaven’s Door Publishing was formed in 2013 to distribute this story that no Major American Literary Agency had the courage to represent. Dr. Winston O’Boogie® is a self-published work that took over 6 years to write and the autographed first print limited edition of 500 copies is available directly from the book’s Website, Ebay or For more information, please visit

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Phil Spector wouldn't have been able to organise his own suicide.

744 pages? Yikes!  :o


--- Quote from: stevie on June 04, 2013, 06:35:43 AM ---Phil Spector wouldn't have been able to organise his own suicide.

--- End quote ---

Hi Steve and thanks for your comment. Well I guess today Phil Spector wouldn't be able to his organize own suicide because he's in jail for murder, but you need to keep in mind that thirty years ago a well known multimillionaire music icon could easily pay a team of professional mafia hit men to kill off his newly departed, biggest musical act that he ever produced, John Lennon or how I knew him as Winston. But you need to take into consideration that Spector is a certified bi-polar convicted murderer who also prayed on numerous music industry acts during the 1980's to produce their work. Often waving his gun in their faces to get his point across. Phil would always have a couple of his mafia bodyguard goons with him at all times in Manhattan and he also was tied with the likes of Morris Levy founder of Roulette Records, who like Spector swindled their musical acts out of millions of dollars in unpaid royalties with the help of the mafia. There was a lot more going on behind the scenes with Spector, Winston and the Yippies that's all explained in "Dr. Winston O'Boogie". Peace Out. Danny Carlson


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