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Song Of The week - And Your Bird Can Sing

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Hello Goodbye:
Imagine it's 1967 and The Beatles are still touring.  You might see them play...

The Fab Four "And Your Bird Can Sing"

this is one of my faves. generally, revolver i think is my favorite beatles album

I LOOOOVE this song! Yeah those guitar riffs are great but let's dig around in those lyrics again, shall we? Is it just me or is John referring to himself, a bit like Nowhere Man? Speaking about himself in 3rd person to somehow distance himself from the problems of having so much stuff? (Imagine no possessions) And being an English bird myself, isn't the 'bird' in question a girl? I always get an impression of a swinging 60's party with men turning up with their latest 'bird', a bit like a fashion statement or 'look how cool I am I've got a 'bird who can sing'. I think the girl being green is John poking fun at those 'hip' sixties guys who liked to have an exotic woman or two, without being specific about colour, and having a bit of a laugh at their expense. Ok, maybe it's just me then.
But those guitars do rock. And yes, I laugh too when I hear the Anthology version, and fall in love with those crazy Beatles all over again...

Hello Goodbye:
Welcome back, cubanheel!

I think the "bird" in question is a girl too.  I can understand sing, green (meaning envious perhaps) and swing.  But broken is open to interpretation.  What do you think it means?

Hello Goodbye:
Isolated bass...


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