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Song Of The week - And Your Bird Can Sing

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Hello Goodbye:
The Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing - 2009 Remaster [Stereo]

The Beatles- 09- And Your Bird Can Sing (2009 Mono Remaster)

The Beatles - "And Your Bird Can Sing" (Early Mono Mix   Yesterday...And Today)

I love this song!

AYBCS and Dear Prudence I think are my favorite Beatle tunes. Thanks for the guitar demo and the remasters. Awsome song!


Yep. One of the best.

Somewhere (probably in these forums) I read that the lyrics were aimed at Cynthia, being just before their breakup.

Great guitars, vocals, etc.


Good Vids Baz ;)

great bass line from Paul !!

Hello Goodbye:

--- Quote from: nimrod on June 11, 2013, 10:57:58 PM ---great bass line from Paul !!

--- End quote ---

And your bird can sing - The Beatles (isolated bass track) (vocals)


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