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Hello Goodbye:
I was fortunate to have spent three years studying blues guitar with Ian Buchanan.  Ian took lessons from such masters as Blind (Reverend) Gary Davis and Brownie McGhee in the 1950s.

Ian attended Antioch College and was befriended by another student named Jorma Kaukonen who expressed interest in the fingerpicking Delta Blues Ian played.  So Ian taught him what he had learned, as he taught me fifteen years later.

As a result of Ian Buchanan and Jorma Kaukonen attending Antioch at the same time, Hot Tuna came to be.  Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady, of Jefferson Airplane, branched off to form Hot Tuna in 1969.

I kept my lesson tapes.  There are some gems on those tapes.

Here's Blind Gary Davis doing Hesitation Blues...

Rev. Gary Davis - Hesitation Blues

And Ian Buchanan, as heard on my lesson tape...

Hesitation Blues - Ian Buchanan 1972

Here's Hot Tuna doing Hesitation Blues in 1970...

Hot Tuna - Hesitation Blues - 1970

Hello Goodbye:
Reverend Gary Davis taught Ian Cocaine Blues...

Reverend Gary Davis - Cocaine Blues

And Ian taught me the song in 1972...

Cocaine Blues - Ian Buchanan 1972

Keith Richards liked that song too...

Keith Richards - Cocaine Blues

Hello Goodbye:
So did Bob Dylan...

Cocaine Blues 1961 "Robert Zimmerman"

Hello Goodbye:
Reverend Davis taught Ian You're Gonna Quit Me Baby...

You're Going To Quit Me Baby - Reverend Gary Davis

And Ian taught it to me twenty years later...

You're Gonna Quit Me Baby - Ian Buchanan 1972

Hello Goodbye:
Had Jorma Kaukonen not met Ian Buchanan, the crowd at Woodstock would never have heard this...

Uncle Sam Blues - Jefferson Airplane (Live at Woodstock 69')



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