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Me doing Blackbird

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Kangaroo Kev:
Heres a vid of me doing Blackbird  ;D

I now have an artist page on facebook, please 'like' me (if you like me :D)



and heres the guy who wrote it :)

Paul McCartney Blackbird 12.12.12. Sandy relief concert HD

Very nice!

Kangaroo Kev:

--- Quote from: Dcazz on June 14, 2013, 10:57:38 AM ---Very nice!

--- End quote ---

Many thanks Dcazz :)

Kangaroo Kev:
its a tricky one to learn and play (especially when your singing as well)

god knows how he wrote it, must be a genius !!

Hello Goodbye:
Nicely done, Kev!  You sang well too.  You weren't distracted...unlike me at times.  You know how that can sound!   ;D


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