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One for Bassist Barry..

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Hello Goodbye:
It's a wonderful guitar, Kev!


--- Quote from: Hello Goodbye on June 21, 2013, 03:46:08 AM ---It's a wonderful guitar, Kev!

--- End quote ---

Looks lovely mate, good on you for a great choice  ;D

It has the zero fret I see

is it fitted with wirewound strings or flats ?

Paul always used flats, if you have flats they never need changing

Hello Goodbye:
Thanks, Kev.  It's got flats.  I'm waiting on the amp.

Meanwhile, I'm learning this...

Got To Get You Into My Life -The Beatles (Bass Cover)

Hello Goodbye:
The flash made my guitar look kind of red sunburst.  It's really antique brown sunburst like the Hofner in these videos (and yours).

dont forget Barry that you can use the mogg files, just remove Pauls bass and do your own  ;)


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