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One for Bassist Barry..

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Hello Goodbye:
It's a wonderful guitar, Kev!

Kangaroo Kev:

--- Quote from: Hello Goodbye on June 21, 2013, 03:46:08 AM ---It's a wonderful guitar, Kev!

--- End quote ---

Looks lovely mate, good on you for a great choice  ;D

It has the zero fret I see

is it fitted with wirewound strings or flats ?

Paul always used flats, if you have flats they never need changing

Hello Goodbye:
Thanks, Kev.  It's got flats.  I'm waiting on the amp.

Meanwhile, I'm learning this...

Got To Get You Into My Life -The Beatles (Bass Cover)

Hello Goodbye:
The flash made my guitar look kind of red sunburst.  It's really antique brown sunburst like the Hofner in these videos (and yours).

Kangaroo Kev:
dont forget Barry that you can use the mogg files, just remove Pauls bass and do your own  ;)


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