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I´ve known for some time and I´m sure must of you know too that Ozzy is a huge Beatles fan.

I stumbled on this video on youtube where Ozzy meets his idol for the first time:

Paul McCartney Meets Ozzy Osbourne: AWKWARD!!

One of the commenters says:

--- Quote ---Interesting meeting, not sure why Paul was acting that way though. It was a very rushed they were both uncomfortable being there. Ozzy was ecstatic to meet his life long idol and I get the feeling that he sensed Paul's 'awkwardness' and Ozzy felt like he had to leave asap...Ozzy seemed a little disappointed by Paul's reaction. I know how he feels, I've been in that situation with someone I admired and upon meeting them, they were acting the same way. It's sad really :(
--- End quote ---

The uploader of the video replies:

--- Quote ---Also...after Paul turned his back on Ozzy.....Ozzy felt like he had to leave because he was'nt getting any love back from Paul. That's why Paul invited him for a Picture because he Knew Ozzy was'nt feeling comfortable after Paul turned his back on him! Can you imagine how many Rock and Roll Stars told Paul that he's their Idol in the last 40 years!? It probley feels real uncomfortable for him to hear that coming from a fellow Rock Idol like Ozzy.
--- End quote ---

What is your take on this after watching the video?

Is that from the Howard Stern show (I cant play vidoes on this work PC or it shuts down)? If so, I saw that when it happened. Ozzy was starstruck and waited for Paul I believe. Paul was just trying to get out of there if I remember correctly as he had somewhere else he had to be. It did come off as awkward, but he was in a hurry.

i miss this on God bless Ozzy Documentary 

I don't think it was overly awkward at all


Yea, I don't see much of that either. Maybe a tiny bit, inasmuch as Paul was on his way out and Ozzy was obviously starstruck. Just my take on it.



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