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Oh, but you know, the fact that he he could pick a random thing and make something brilliant of it is mighty impressive to me. Please consider that.

On another note, I find this to be one of his finest lead vocals, especially at the very beginning. There's a chilling sense of urgency and earnestness in there, to my ear.



Naturally 7 doing WMGGW's! These guys use no instruments! All vocalplay. I saw them a couple of years ago opening for Michael Buble' and was an imeidiate fan! Check it out!

If you forward the dot to 2:00 you can skip the intro!

that is cool

I read this on Wiki..

Musical structure

The song is in Am, with a shift to a ♭7 (Am/G) on "all" (bass note G) and a 6 (D9 (major 3rd F#)) after "love" (bass note F#) to a ♭6 (Fmaj7) on "sleeping" (bass note F). This 8-♭7-6-♭6 progression has been described as an Aeolian/Dorian hybrid.[17] Everett notes that the change from the minor mode verse (A-B) to the parallel major for the bridge might express hope that "unrealized potential" described in the lyrics is to be "fulfilled," but that the continued minor triads (III, VI and II) "seem to express a strong dismay that love is not to be unfolded."[18]
Clapton's guitar contribution has been described as making this a "monumental" track; particularly notable features include the increasing lengths of thrice-heard first scale degrees (0.17-0.19), the restraint showed by rests in many bars then unexpected appearances (as at 0.28-0.29), commanding turnaround phrases (0.31-0.33), expressive string bends marking modal changes from C to C# (0.47-0.53), power retransition (1.21-1.24), emotive vibrato (2.01-2.07), and a solo (1.55-2.31) with a "measured rise in intensity, rhythmic activity, tonal drive and registral climb."

What Everett is saying is that musically the song is interesting.
There are two verses and then a Bridge, the bridge is the part where he sings 'I dont know why.......etc'
The verses are in minor key, on the bridge it changes to major key (which is interesting)
The minor key verses are a mixture of two scales (or modes) Aoelian & Dorian (which is interesting)

The minor verses are indeed sad but the brighter major bridge might express hope that the "unrealized potential" described in the verse lyrics will be fulfilled..........but that the continued minor verses "seem to express a strong dismay that love is not to be unfolded."

its an interesting theme.

also...."Clapton's guitar contribution has been described as making this a "monumental" track"

Ohh I agree with him there !

Re Kevins idea that Paul shouldve done the solo, if you read what George says in the Anthology, he specifically says that the others were not interested in the song, but when he arrived that day with Clapton and said Eric would be playing on it, everybody then became interested.


--- Quote from: tkitna on June 19, 2013, 11:53:50 PM ---Most overrated Beatle song ever. It just drags along forever with Eric Clapton getting so much attention for a guitar solo that George himself could have handled very easily. Never liked it.

--- End quote ---

Eric Clapton played real Blues on this track, he put his heart into it, its one of THE great guitar solo's, he IS a bluesman. suffering, struggle, and an ability to let your soul come through your guitar makes you a bluesman or woman, no matter what superficial, moronic, and meaningless, Wal-Mart influenced genre label you put on it. End of story.
George or Paul could never have played this solo with such feeling, this is why Eric is great, he is one of musics true virtuoso's, listen to his notes, listen to his fluidity and the tone, I cant imagine you think George couldve played this, the riffs are not difficult, but the feeling in them is everything. If you disagree, you're wrong. You're wrong. Period. ;)


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