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Paul doesn't stop: Best performances of Beatles' songs live


Can you list your favourite Paul's performances live of the Beatle songs (written by him or other group memebers).
I've absolutely fell in love with this one:
Paul McCartney - Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite! [Live at the Colbert Report]

'Till now, Mr. Kite was for me just one of the tracks on the Pepper - which I didn't listen too often.
But hearing it live - it was like another dimension... 8)

I think he does 'Hi Hi Hi' really well. I love this one too.

Paul McCartney - Things We Said Today (1990) (Complete Tripping The Live Fantastic)

Great guitar solo from Robbie Mcintosh.

That tour was, by far, my favorite of Paul's.  first time having so many Beatle songs, many of which had not been heard live.

Yeah it was a really good one. Nice set list and 'Flowers In The Dirt' had just come out.


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