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A lot of people do not know that the PEGGY SUE that Buddy Holly sang about was a real person. Her name is now Peggy Sue Gerron. They were friends in high school and then she married Buddy Holly's friend and drummer Jerry Allison. 

With the exception of Yoko Ono, I wonder how many other non-famous women had incredibly famous songs NAMED after them. "My Sharona" comes to mind (Sharona Alperin)

Any suggestions?

Hello Goodbye:
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The working title of the song was "Cindy Lou," named for Buddy Holly's niece.  There's a scene in the 1978 motion picture The Buddy Holly Story where Buddy Holly (Gary Busey) is sitting in the back seat of a car playing Cindy Lou on his guitar in a slow tempo.  Ray Bob Simmons (based on Joe B. Mauldin) is driving and Jesse Charles (based on Jerry Allison) is in the front passenger seat and picks up the beat.  "Good song," he remarks.

The Buddy Holly Story (The video's owner prevents external embedding)

Here's a nice video which gives an alternate way the renaming of the song might have occurred, paradiddles and all...

Great Moments in Rock 'n' Roll History - Cindy Lou becomes Peggy Sue

Spencer J     Buddy Holly Tribute

Hello Goodbye:
Barbara Ann was written by Fred Fassert for his sister, Barbara Ann Fassert...

The Regents - Barbara Ann (ORIGINAL VERSION)
The Regents   1961

Barbara Ann - The Beach Boys 1965 Capitol 45 5561 (full version)
The Beach Boys   1965   

Hello Goodbye:
Ritchie Valens wrote Donna for his high school sweetheart, Donna Ludwig...

Ritchie Valens-Donna

Hello Goodbye:
16 year-old keyboardist Michael Brown of The Left Banke wrote Walk Away Renee for Renee Fladen who was seeing Tom Finn, bass guitarist for the group...

Walk Away Renee - The Left Banke


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