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Peggy Sue. Famous female names in Rock & Roll

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I had always thought the Toto song "Rosanna" was about Rosanna Arquette, but a quick Google search revealed that is not in fact true:


Hello Goodbye:
Paul Anka wrote and recorded Diana in 1957 about his high school friend Diana Ayoub...

Paul Anka- Diana

Hello Goodbye:
Cathy's Clown was written by Phil and Don Everly about Don's high school friend Cathy Coe...

Everly Brothers ~ Live ~ Cathy's Clown ~ 1961

Those are The Crickets backing them up.


--- Quote from: In My Life on July 25, 2013, 04:16:02 AM ---Ray Davies loved his sisters! "Come Dancing"was a tribute to his sister Rene. Hers is a sad story:


--- End quote ---

Yes, and he had more sisters too, a total of six!

This is from Argentina, the song "Muchacha ojos de papel" ("Paper eyes girl") by Almendra, which is a colorful ballad about "Flaco" Spinetta's first girlfriend. Spinetta was an Argentinian rock legend and the leader of the late-60's band Almendra.



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