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Moody Blues

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Does anyone like this group they are preety good

Yes Denny Laine Era How Song

yes say if i why no....

i think theyre prety good

I love 'em.... Their first album, Days of Future Passed is a beautifully orchestrated masterpiece, with the obvious highlight: Nights In White Satin... But the whole album, to me, is perfect in its entirety... It's a great break from heavy percussion and big booming sounds...

The next two albums, In Search of the Lost Chord and On The Threshold of a Dream are only slightly less appealing than the first but still very enjoyable... The introduction pieces to both are very psychedelic and extremely cool!

In my opinion, a great band! Great poetic lyrics and beautiful music...

If you like the Beatles, chances are you would like the Moody Blues, I think... But maybe not. It's up to you!


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