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Pattie Boyd on the Ed Sullivan Show


Yesterday I watched the Beatles fourth appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The show was broadcast September 12, 1965. While Ringo is singing (all nervous and out of tune) Act Naturally at around the 22 minute mark the camera shows a girl jumping furiously up and down and screaming.   cheer1  She is onscreen for about 5 seconds. It is Pattie Boyd! There are many ways to be sure it is her. First the teeth. Go frame by frame and stop when she has her mouth wide open and compare that to any photo of her from the 60s before she had her teeth fixed. Identical. She is a dead ringer for Pattie with the same beautiful long blonde hair and she is dressed exactly like Patti would dress. And it is really easy to read her lips as she screams "George" four times in the five seconds. I have Googled 'Pattie Boyd on Ed Sullivan' and got zero hits so this must be new information.

In My Life:
Hmm...I'll have to get my DVD out and watch that.

she should see also in The Knack


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