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PAUL IN OZ! Petition.. PLZ SIGN :)

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Gday there!!!

A few fellow Aussies have got together and started a petition to hopefully help in getting Paul back to Australia.

If you would like to help and sign our petition please click on the following link:
PAUL IN OZ! Petition

Anything would be appreciated!!

Take care and thank you!!! :)

Why isnt he allowed into australia?

Done! Wow! That would be so cool! I am 16 from Western Australia, and we are neglected by so many can get annoying. But I'd fly to the Eastern States to see Paul!

The End:
I signed it even though I live in the UK!

There isn't any particualr reason he hasn't toured there - it's just that he has yet to organise a tour of that area - Asia/Australia/New Zealand excluding Japan of course!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think he'll be coming back to the US to tour?? I'd do anything to see him!
You know, I met Ringo once...he's pretty cool...(sorry, really off the


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