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My new additions..


a mate was selling them, I couldnt see them go to separate homes  roll:)

Gibson Les Paul Standards 2001 & 2009

(click to enlarge)

Hello Goodbye:
Nice ones, Kev!  Looks like the one on the left has P90s and the other Humbuckers.  What difference in tone do you notice?

No Baz, they both have Burstbuckers, only the cherry burst has no metal covers on it, amazingly they sound different, the older one (cherry) has more mellow tone and more sustain I think, the newer one (honey) is a bit more treble-ish a bit more biting tone Id say, (maybe its just the covers) maybe the older one has aged and the wood has 'aligned' improving the tone.

Cherry & Honey :D

Honey sounds great playing Honey Dont and Cherry sounds good on Bluesy darker stuff (or maybe Neil Diamonds Cherry Cherry) :D

Hello Goodbye:
Burstbuckers are good.  Like a modern era Humbucker.  I didn't know they were around in 2001.


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