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Happy 50th!

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She loves You released on this day in 1963!

Still awesome

In case there was any doubt that The Beatles were a bona fide UK phenomenon by August 1963, the release of their fourth single went beyond all expectations.

She Loves You single - United KingdomThe songs were recorded on 1 July 1963. She Loves You, with its b-side I'll Get You, was The Beatles' first single to sell more than a million copies in Britain. This it did on 27 November.

The single entered the charts on 31 August, and remained there for 31 consecutive weeks. It reached number one on 14 September, remained there for a month, and returned for a second time on 30 November.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Hello Goodbye:

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The Beatles - She Loves You [HD]

Im getting old :(


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