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Get Back footage resync project


I'm back! :P

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of "The Get Back Chronicles", but for those who haven't, it's a bootleg released by Fab Productions which attempts to sync the roughly 3 hours of Get Back footage to the correct audio. I've had all three volumes of this on my iPhone and I watch them constantly. Over time, I've noticed areas of poor syncing, missing footage, footage from different days synced to different audio, etc.

I love video editing and syncing stuff to correct audio (like Zeppelin's 3 night stand at MSG which was used to construct The Song Remains the Same), so I took on the challenge to correctly match the audio to the video. If you want to track my progress on this, check at the dropbox link below:

Currently I have the first two days and will definitely update once other days have been added. I'm also open to other video projects involving The Beatles so let me know if anybody is interested.

All footage is sourced from the three volumes of The Get Back Chronicles and the audio from Purple Chick's "A/B Road" release. There is a chance that footage from Let it Be that didn't make it to the bootleg will be included as well.



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