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OK, I found this guy who goes very deep (or behind) Beatles singing style, especially their vocal harmonies.
No, he isn't a guy who just does covers of their songs - he explains bit by bit the harmonies so we can see and understand
what the four guys actually did with their voices. His goal is to give you the info how to sound exactly as the Beatles in the studio! party2

How to sing It Won't Be Long Beatles vocal harmony tutorial lesson

How to Sing Hey Jude Beatles Vocal Harmony Tutorial Lesson

How to sing All You Need is Love vocal harmony Beatles breakdown

I think it wouldn't be fare to compare how close his vocal is to John's, Paul's or George's.
On one of his videos, he got the comment: The only people that sing the Beatles harmonies better than you are the´╗┐ Beatles themselves.

Second, the Beatles were three (Ringo couldn't sing :P) - and this man manages to re-create their vocal harmonies by multitracking his vocal - or in some
cases - with the little help of his friendz. (Oh! It was Ringo singin' and drummin' that!)

I would give anything to see a video of J, P & G (Ringo couldn't sing :angel:) in the studio doing It Won't Be Long or Mr. Postman.
Seeing Galeazzo at microphone with his passion to 'uncover' Fab Four's voices - maybe that's the closest we'll get.

I hope you'll enjoy it as I do!

How to sing Please Mr Postman Beatles vocal harmony breakdown

Hello Goodbye:
Very neat!  Thanks for posting those, real01.  We often overlook just how involved it was getting the vocals right in the studio...

Yes very good, its quite fascinating

btw that guy looks a lot like Lennon ;)

One of John's best songs:
How to sing In My Life Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies


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