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Almost ready for Mark Lewisohn's book on 11th October.
Pristine white tablecloth, check.
Box of rock 'n' roll CDs, check. Gene, check. Carl, check. Larry, check. Chuck, check. Jerry Lee, check.

Then it occurred to me, does anyone know which rock 'n' roll records the various Beatles (including Pete and Stu) actually owned in the 50s/early 60s?

From memory, they all went across to the Wirral to get a copy of 'Searchin'' by The Coasters!
John was meant to have swapped his 'Rock Island Line' 45 for something, and he apparently owned the Johnny Burnette Rock 'n' Roll Trio LP (brilliant, and now worth a small fortune).
Paul mentioned playing 'All Shook Up' with his mate when he didn't pull a girl at the fair (!), and I'm sure I read that George had the Carl Perkins 'Dance Album'.....but does any of the various books have a more complete list?

I'll wait for Mark Lewisohn to tell me then!

I think they didn't own a lot of rock & roll records actually.

In My Life:
Reading about the music the Beatles loved in the early days has been the highlight of this book for me. It's lead me to a lot of listening, that's for sure.


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