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The Last Waltz

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Wayne L.:
The classic concert documentary The Last Waltz with the Band, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton & Neil Young is one of the most overrated rock documentaries of all time in part because Martin Scorcese directed it which is is why it's overpraised even though it has some great live performances by the Band playing Up On Cripple Creek, Eric Clapton playing Further Up On The Road & Bob Dylan playing Baby Let Me Follow You Down but Let It Be, Gimme Shelter, Woodstock & The Song Remains The Same are a whole lot better!

gimme shelter and the song remains the same werent that good.  the last waltz rules.   they played in on public tv last night

I love the 'Last Waltz'. Whats there not to like with that concert?

I don't like the emmylou harris bit, and sometimes i fast forward through Coyote, even though its a good song. 

More Ringo is needed too!

Lol, 'Coyote' is probably my favorite Joni Mitchell tune ever. I like Emmylou too. Different tastes are wonderful.


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