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* I started the same thread at I really need the help!

I'm glad to join you guys here on this forum and I am asking your help in a very very serious issue!

What I have here is a signed by all four members Hard Day's Night Original vinyl and paperwork for it. It was given to me by my uncle before he passed away and no one in the family knew he had it! We all knew he was a big time collector of music memorabilia and since I am a huge fan of collecting music memorabilia and anything Beatles related he gave it to me to have.

I was wondering if anyone may be able to help me with your thoughts on whether they are real or fake signatures? I sincerely from the bottom of my heart appreciate any and all help.

Thank you.


more of the pics..

You would need to get it authenticated by a real Beatles autograph expert.

I'm not saying it is the case with yours, but anyone can create a fake letter of authenticity. I just Googled for "Rock This Way Memorabilia" and found nothing, so your certificate of authenticity isn't worth a great deal, unfortunately. There are many, many fake signatures out there, but if you believe the autographs to be genuine then it is worth investing a little bit of cash to get proper authentication done.

If you are looking to sell the record then offer it to someone like Frank Caiazzo who is a Beatles autograph expert - if it's genuine he may be interested. Or there are firms such as Tracks in the UK and Fab4Collectibles in the US which buy signed items. Personally, if I was looking to buy Beatle autographs I would only ever buy through one of those sources or via a well-known memorabilia auction house like Cooper-Owen. So if you are looking to sell then consider going via one of these routes - they will buy the record from you and resell it, but they will give you a fair price.

If you want to keep the record yourself but require authentication then get in touch with an autograph expert. I just did a quick Google search and came up with these sites - or - as examples. There will certainly be others if you look on Google.  Frank Caiazzo used to do authentication but has stopped now, I believe.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on!


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