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Here's are my Lennon/McCartney influenced songs...


A few years ago my dad bought me a book that showed me how to write good,catchy commercial songs like John and Pauls.Since then I've actually moved on to synthesizers and have written a very innovative synth album.I hope you all like it and decide to back my song 'All these Fields' which is doing incredibly well in the soundclick charts!
Please visit my website at http://www.soundclick.com/steedie
Richie Steed.

"All These Fields" was really cool. I liked all of the solos.

Thanks mate!It's really doing well in the electronica charts now.It's up 70 places in the electronica charts and 4 places in the sub-electronica.
I just need as many listens as I can get if I want a number 1 and a record aontract!
I really do owe a lot to John Lennon and Macca.
Richie Steed.

Hi Steedie ! I was on yr SC page. Really nice music !
"I've Never Loved A Man" is really good.

...though I doubt that any book can show you the way to be as good as John or Paul  :)  Your talent... is measured out in you ...
Good luck with your music or as musicians say - Break a leg !


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