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Messing about on my new Hofner Violin Bass

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Can you spot the Basslines ?

Im impressed with it but the Chinese strings are rubbish Ive already ordered a set of flats to replace them with.

Well known bass lines on new Hofner Violin Bass

Hello Goodbye:
You really need flats, mate!

Which ones did you order?

XL Chromes Barry, 45 gauge.

last forever.

Hello Goodbye:
The flat-wounds on my Switchmaster have been on for years, Kev.  They still sound great.

My Hofner came with German Hofner short-scale flats...

G - .040
D - .055
A - .070
E - .100

Here's an interesting piece I read on North Coast Music's website (where I purchased my Hofner):

The October 2005 issue of Bass Player Magazine featured an interview with Paul McCartney. As a part of this interview, McCartney's longtime technical director, Kevin Smith, offered some insights about Paul's Hofner Beatle Bass. Smith explained that Paul McCartney "favors" La Bella flat wound strings for his Beatle Bass, gauged .039, .056, .077, and .096.

As the strings that came on my guitar will last for years, I guess I won't be able to make any comparisons.   ;)

Yeah I knew about the La Bellas Baz, theyre on ebay advertised as such

I like the chrome


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