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There is an eBay seller from Brazil with the user name gabybutti who continues to list fake Beatles 45s.
Please avoid this seller, and if you know anyone who buys high-end Beatles records please tell them to beware.
He gets scans of rare labels and sticks them to standard copies of the correct 45.
He does the same with picture sleeves - downloads a scan of an original and prints it onto the correct quality paper.
Lots of buyers have been taken in buy him. He recently sold a fake UK demo 45 for over $500.
He has been reported to eBay by several legitimate collectors but eBay hasn't done anything.

For example, here's a very rare UK demo of A Hard Days Night being sold by this seller.


You can see black lines around the edge of the white label. On the original these would have been grooves in the actual vinyl with the white label over the top - but these have obviously shown up on his scan as black lines.
Also if you look closely at the outline of the label it is not perfectly circular - it has been cut by hand rather than with a machine cutter, which would give a perfect circle every time.

He is also currently selling a very rare Turkish 45 of She Loves You - but he has included a picture of the labels BEFORE they have been stuck to the record!! All the early 45s from Turkey were push-out centres - his scan doesn't even have a centre hole never mind a push-out!!

Just to add ....

He originally started on eBay selling fake copies of rare Beatles picture sleeves from South America, and you can see from his other listings that he is branching out into other bands now too - Wings, Queen, Abba, etc.

If you do know any collectors of these bands please tell them to beware also - I don't know enough about the records or sleeves of these bands to spot an obvious fake but I would assume that if every Beatles item is dodgy then these other ones are too.

All his auctions are always private listings so that you can't get in touch with his buyers to warn them, and as I say eBay does nothing about it. I would hate to see someone on this forum get ripped off by an unscrupulous seller.

Thanks for the warning!

every said Ultra rare in kill him quickly ;D

look his  Feedback side many with the same Name the Problem have we here in Germany with Fake accounts.

In My Life:

--- Quote from: Badgirl66 on November 27, 2013, 04:26:32 PM ---every said Ultra rare in kill him quickly ;D

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Or you could simply avoid him.


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