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Beautiful Night: Beautiful music by George Martin


Here's a video - the making of Paul's Beautiful Night.
From 2:58 - 6:05, we can hear various parts of orchestration done by Gorge Martin for Paul's song - the strings, the brass section - without the
'rock' instruments (drums, bass etc.)
It reveals the beauty of orchestral arrangement.
(When you listen to original song, the orchestration is somewhat 'buried' beneath other instruments /Ringo's drums/ and the singer's vocals.)

This arrangement is equally good and beautiful as sir Martin's arrangement of Yesterday, Eleanor Rigby, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, Something...
But, in case of those Beatle songs, the orchestration has the equal part with other instruments (the strings in Strawberry Fields are equally important
as the drums, for instance). Or in Yesterday - strings are not beneath the guitar and don't just 'accompany' the guitar - they are in the 'same line' with the guitar.

However, in Beautiful Night, the orchestration is somewhat 'under' the main instruments - so it is nice to have a video which reveals the beauty of the arrangement
in full picture.
It would be great to hear the song in 'orchestration only' version. glassesslip

Awesome video. One of my favorite PM songs!


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