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Signed White Album makes $186,500 i UK Auction


Hi all,

A fully-signed copy of the White Album sold through Tracks Auction over the weekend, becoming the second most valuable signed Beatles album sold at auction}:$186,500-in-UK/

Also included in the sale was Lennon's detention sheet from Quarry Bank, which proves he was just as naughty as he always made out he was.



"...He who laffs last is often hard of hearing"   ha2ha   I love John.

Sure wish I could afford some of these items.

In My Life:
I'd like to have that postcard they mentioned too.

 A mate in the US was only telling me the other day he has a signed copy of the white Album! He bought it ten years ago for $6000 and has it in a safety deposit box.

I sent him the link to this story and he was flabbergasted! Lol


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