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Hello all,

Chris here - just making the rounds posting my new website:

I do photo-real renders of Beatles instruments in famous locations and print on Kodak Photo paper and we ship world-wide.

Its a new site with a few pieces but Im in the process of preparing hundreds of renders. For those of you who have seen Lennon's sunroom this has moved to a new URL:

On this site Ill be uploading several new tours from the studio to a few other famous places.

I also do commissions where I can create a photograph of your fav Beatle gear on the stage and in the studio. My contact info is posted on my site if anyone want to call me direct and I Skype with my international clients.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Crimble.

Sorry NEW is not the Site

New host and new site look. Sorry for the confusion.


I love that wall mural of Ringo's drums! I've bookmarked the site. Thanks for sharing it.

Hello Goodbye:
Welcome to the Forum, Chris.  I remember the former website.  Yours is a great improvement.  Good luck with it and I'll certainly be looking for your future tours.


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